Usersearch.ORG : E-Mail Alerts

Continuously monitor for data breach notifications against your email address.

Alerts let you change passwords before hackers see you.

Enter your E-Mail plus the address you want monitored.


What is this?
This is a web crawler that continuously monitors known Anonymous dumping locations for hacked emails. You get alerted when we find a match.

Will you spam me emails?
No. You will recieve a joining confirmation email only. You will only be contacted if our crawler finds an email match in future data breach's.

Will this cost me?

What do you get out of it?
We hope you will use our other services and be a regular user of Nothing more.

I want my entire organisation to be included. How can I do this quickly?
You can monitor an unlimited amount of accounts. You need to set your reporting email (member email) and separately the monitored email. We only allow one email at a time. Contact us if you need a bulk upload.