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A new OSINT Platform, for a new Era.

A professional OSINT Investigation Platform, offering rapid, actionable intelligence. Partnered with all major OSINT & Cyber data providers, your online reach shall be unparalleled, your investigation capability, unquestionable.


With over 35 state-of-the-art investigative capabilities, explore all reasonable lines of enquiry with unprecedented speed. Upgrade all front line investigators with with next level output.


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Easy To Use

A consistent investigation interface allows you to perform techniques traditionally limited to advanced investigators, with a single button. Our informative pop-ups at the right time, providing insights when you need it most.

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Manage Multiple Operations

Save investigation progress & investigation notes under specific operations names, quickly flicking between operations for multi-tasking & rapid response.

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No Scripts, No Code

Popular investigation scripts & APIs are built-in. No more python scripts, no limitations. Transform non-technical front line investigators, into advanced investigators, overnight.

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Centralize your investigation strategy: No API Keys, No monthly management

Access all your favourite OSINT services & APIs within one platform. Partnered with major data providers, we pre-pay all your credit usage in advance at discounted rates. Never bother with an API key again.

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Train While You Work

Over 35 inbuilt videos directly viewable from the dashboard. Each technique has a simple 60 second video guide to answer any questions. We even give investigation tips. Your staff upskill while working.

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